About Us


As the world of digital payments are vastly expanding and growing, the demand for a utility to use them becomes more apparent. With cryptocurrency, there has been a revolution in the way we perform transfers, make purchases, or pay for various services all over the internet. However, no matter what cryptocurrencies are, making payments with them will always involve additional complexities related to legal, regulatory and technical aspects, which so far cannot be solved without a centralized framework as a base in the digital payment system. We strive to change the payment approach that no other entity has managed to do yet. Behind the CAPS project are a group of payment specialists and pioneers with decades of combined experience in the payment and retail POS & commerce industries. At the end product envisioned by CAPS is digital payment ecosystem that is ultra-efficient for investors, consumers, and businesses.


Consistency and efficiency are our guiding principles for building the digital economy in the payments industry. Our goal is to create the future by combining cryptocurrencies and virtual payment systems. At CAPS, we are determined to sculpt the future of online payments.


Our mission is to simplify the future of transactions and money transfers by making a seamless payment system available to everyone. We solve the problems of producers and payers in WEB 3.0.That's why simplicity and accessibility are mandatory components of our innovations and solutions.

What do we do?

We provide digital payments through intelligent and seamless solutions, by embracing cryptocurrencies and virtual payment systems into a single digital payment system.
The first solution we launched is Airmode, a Web3 API gateway.
Web3 is the next generation of the network. Built on the blockchain, it revolutionizes how the world exchanges value. Airmode is Web3 middleware that connects web API directly to any blockchain application. The next-generation technology to access off-data. Airmode is leading the movement from legacy third-party networks to first-party solutions that deliver more security, efficiency, and data-source transparency. Light-weight, first-party data feeds that reduce cost and scale data access for Web3. Developers to connect Web3 applications to continuously updated streams of off-data, such as the latest cryptocurrency and commodities prices. Web3 is the biggest growth opportunity for businesses since the world wide web. But it’s been difficult for traditional businesses to access.

Proposed Solution

To address the pain points of token founders, investors, consumers, and businesses, we have come up with a complete solution with the following characteristics:
- Provide alternative options to traditional payments such as Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.
- Decentralised payments with zero single point of failures.
- Cross border transfers without the fear of third party monitoring.
- Fast, cheap, and reliable – cost pennies to transfer no matter the amount.

Benefits for Consumers / Payers

- Consumers can make cross-border fund transfers without paying hefty transfer fees or exchange rates to a third party and the transfer happens immediately.
- Consumers can now shop online securely without having to worry about credit card information getting stolen.
- Make payments and purchases while being protected from third party tracking.

Benefits for Merchants / Businesses

- Save on merchant fees with each transaction.
- Merchants get to focus on sales without having to worry about credit card fraud and chargeback.
- Tap into the booming cryptocurrency market and add a new source of sales to increase revenue.
- Easily integrate crypto payments into existing ERP or ecommerce websites.
- Creates options to opt for the additional easy-to-manage accounting software to manage sales reports and tax filing.